1 January 2021

Scientific Visualization Developer

We are looking for a Scientific Visualization Developer, capable of working with various teams within the organization. First of all, the candidate will work in close collaboration with the commercial team to translate complex things into easy-to-understand visualizations.

Scientific Visualization Developer

We are currently looking to enlarge our team with a visualization expert/marketing manager

Role summary

We are searching for a scientific visualization developer, capable of working with various teams within the organization of Radiomics. The common treat in your work will be to translate complex scientific or technical concepts into easy-to-understand appealing visualizations, animations or graphics. You are the one who will bring a highly informative piece to live and highlights the key points or assets that this information captures. Your work will be used for commercial purposes, to bring value to a client or in scientific publications. You will be part of the commercial team, but will work in close collaboration with the other teams as they will also need your help. In a later stage, there is the opportunity to collaborate with the operational team in the development of a User Interface.
  • Create novel visualizations for results derived from medical images to improve the understanding of the results and the conducted conclusions.
  •  Develop 2D/3D visualizations/animations/images to engage project stakeholders.
  • Develop 2D/3D visualizations/animations/images to explain the (basics of) the AI behind our analysis.
  • Collaborate with the R&D team to support them with the graphical content of scientific publications. Translation of scientific concepts into appealing and explainable graphical designs.
  • Collaborate with the commercial team (sales and marketing) to support them with the graphical content creation. This include making brochures, pitches, presentations and reports for (potential) clients.
  • The creation of animations to be used during events to convince potential clients of our value.
  • Create 2D/3D visualizations/animations/images of our services, products, R&D projects and research results to be used in standard communication platforms such as our website, social media platforms, scientific publications, or in the slide decks communicated to clients directly.
Your educational background and competences:
  • Bsc/Msc in life science with a demonstrable interest or experience in graphical design/game design/industrial design or similar.
  • Or Bsc/Msc in game design/graphical design or industrial design with a demonstrable interest in life science.
  • Skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, Blender or other relevant graphical tools.
  • Proficiency with HTML, HTML5, CSS or Javascript.
  • Experience in C++ and/or python.
  • Ability to use your creativity to inform and attract people.
  • Fluent communication skills in English.
  • Project management skills.
Your desired characteristics:
  • Strong interest and basic knowledge of drug development, digital healthcare, information systems, networking and ICT 
  • Hands-on mentality, capability to work accurately, and to fit into an innovative environment 
  • Ambitious, fast learner, passionate, curious and creative 
  • Willing to have a strong impact on cancer treatment by helping pharma companies and clinical professionals embrace new biomarkers in their drug development and decision making 
  • Ability to energize, develop, and build rapport at all levels within an organization 
  • Strong written and verbal communication and clear-thinking skills with the ability to synthesize complex issues into simple messages 
  • Be pro-active and take initiatives 
  • Ability to multi-task in a very fast-paced environment 
  • Solutions oriented and pragmatic 
  • Robust interpersonal skills, with demonstrated ability to work independently as well as effectively collaborate with peers
What we offer you:
  • Unique opportunity to help shape a high potential start-up active in a leading-edge AI medical field
  • A challenging and diversified position within a high-potential innovative start-up company.
  • Huge and fast personal growth potential 
  • A young, dynamic, leading edge, and multicultural environment
  • Onboarding, training, and mentorship
  • Empowerment, accountability, and recognition
  • An attractive salary package, with bonus schemes, in line with the position responsibilities and your experience
Feel challenged?

If you feel challenged by this opportunity and have a team-oriented / self-driven learner mentality, please share your most recent portfolio of past works, CV and cover letter to [email protected].

We look forward to welcoming you into this fast-growing Radiomics team!


Founded in 2016, Radiomics is a next generation Liege-based imaging CRO built upon the unparallel experience of its founders, pioneers of the radiomics science. Radiomics uses its proprietary advanced image analysis technology based on AI, deep learning and federated learning to unravel the gold mine of hidden data information embedded in standard medical images with the aim to support insight-based decision making for optimizing pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ clinical trials and drug development studies and for providing clinicians with a patient-centered approach based on personalized medicine.

Based on its non-invasive approach, Radiomics has developed and validated a full pipeline of software as medical device, aimed at disease detection, patient follow-up and treatment prediction. Radiomics first product platform, RadiomiX Toolbox, allows to mine quantitative image features from (standard-of-care) medical imaging. Among other ongoing projects, in 2021 Radiomics will start its first clinical trial, SALMON, aiming at proving the power of radiomics for clinical decision making on oncology compared to current standard-of-care. In addition, Radiomics owns a strong intellectual property portfolio, including rights on the radiomics trademark, and its team is continuously working on new solutions, in collaboration with multiple national and international partners and is currently closing partnerships to scale up its activities geographically and into other disease areas.

Radiomics is ISO 13485 compliant and aims to be ISO 13485: 2016 certified in 2021.